About Spiritual Health Association

Spiritual Health Association is the peak body for spiritual care in the health sector. Our focus is on advocacy for and promotion of compassionate, person-centred spiritual care in health services. 

Since 1974 we have been collaborating with health services, faith communities and other key partners and stakeholders, to expand the availability and accessibility of spiritual care as an integral part of quality healthcare. 

We are informed by a growing body of evidence for the value and contribution of spiritual care and involved with international colleagues in the move towards professionalisation of the sector. 

We are committed to ensuring patients, carers and staff receive high-quality and safe spiritual care that is responsive to their spiritual needs.

Mission, Purpose, Values


Enabling the provision of quality spiritual care as an integral part of healthcare.


To advocate for and promote compassionate, person-centred spiritual care in health services.


  • Respect: We value the humanity and dignity of every person
  • Compassion: We value sensitivity to another's suffering which motivates healing care
  • Inclusiveness: We value the spirituality, perspectives and contributions of all people
  • Excellence: We value continuous improvement, innovation and accountability in the provision of spiritual care

Strategic Documents 

SHA Strategic Plan 2021-23

SHA Corporate Plan 2021-22

Governance Documents

SHA Annual Report 2021-2022

SHA Constitution

Victoria State GovernmentSpiritual Health Association acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.