Current Projects

Spiritual Health Association advocates and promotes compassionate, person-centred spiritual care in health services. We initiate and participate in a number of quality improvement projects and in research in the healthcare sector, enabling best practice and contributing to overall health and well-being. We collaborate with practitioners, health services, government departments, universities and other agencies to achieve quality, innovative and compassionate spiritual care.

Our projects enable health practitioners to deliver person-centred services. We value working with the sector to achieve these goals. Spiritual Health Association shares knowledge and evidence of best practice nationally and internationally to enhance the provision of spiritual care on a global level.

Resources and Tools for Implementing the Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health

Resources and tools are available to support the implementation of the Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health.

These include: 

St Vincent’s International Mental Health Education Series to Pacific Island Region Mental Health Workforce

Together with Mental Health Spiritual Care practitioners currently working in Victorian Health Services, SHA participated in two online education fora in July and November.

These fora explored the role of spiritual care in mental health settings with participants from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Cook Islands.

The sessions contributed to a rich discussion embracing spiritual and cultural diversity.

Spirituality and Diversity Discussions: A partnership with the Victoria Transcultural Mental Health 

SHA wrapped up a successful second year of the program, facilitating a reflective practice program in partnership with Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH). 

SHA and VTMH ran two online series of six sessions for mental health workers in peer, clinical, and community settings in 2020.

This second series focussed on personal and professional responses and challenges to living through a pandemic.

The first series concentrated on how to incorporate spirituality and spiritual care into everyday practice.

Queensland Spiritual Care in Palliative Care Collaborative Project (Sept-Nov 2020) 

This collaboration between SHA, Meaningful Ageing Australia (MAA) and Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ) seeks to respond to opportunities to advocate for spiritual care in palliative care. 

Key activities in Queensland, included: 

  1. Co-hosting Spiritual Care in Palliative Care Network/s in Queensland
  2. Collaborating on mapping stakeholders for Spiritual Care in Palliative Care 
  3. Co-hosting Spiritual Care in Palliative Care education and awareness activities 
  4. Where appropriate, advising Palliative Care Queensland on strategy, policy and social-impact matters relating to spiritual care in palliative care.

Certification of Spiritual Care Practitioners in Health

The Spiritual Health Association (Spiritual Health) and Spiritual Care Australia (SCA) undertook a joint project in 2019 to identify the process and requirements for certification of spiritual care practitioners working in health. Spiritual Health and SCA plan to implement a pilot to test the recommendations from the project in 2020.