Research into Mental Health and Spirituality

A selection of recent research that relates broadly to mental health and spirituality, spiritual care, training & education.

Research and evidence-based practice informs all health policy and initiatives. In the mental health and spirituality field there is an abundance of quality research that supports the inclusion of spirituality as a personal resource for recovery, enrichment, healing and wellbeing and the practice of spiritual care as a professional modality supporting and enhancing the work of other health disciplines.

Articles on spirituality and mental health

We recommend the following:

Spirituality Lab

The purpose of the Spirituality Lab is to further understand the relationship between spirituality and mental health in research and translate findings into practice in mental health care in clinical, community and faith community settings. Click here for more information. 


In this short video (9:18) SHA's Mental Health Leader joins Dr. Simon Jones to discuss his PhD "Peak Spirituality: exploring spiritual experiences of awe, wonder and transcendence in nature with people living with mental illness".

If you wish to continue the conversation with Simon, you can connect with him at