Video Stories

These short videos (between 5-7 minutes) tell two different stories that share the theme of reconciling loss and grief in the event of personal tragedy resulting in significant mental health challenges.

Both Jo and Dean were assisted to find resolution and a way forward in their lives with the support of ritual, a spiritual care intervention.

Jo's Story

We may sometimes underestimate the powerful and important role ritual fulfils in our lives. In this story, Jo shares how she was able to overcome extraordinary grief following the death of her two daughters with a memorial service that has supported her to heal and move on in life.

Dean's Story

"In 2016, I was treated in a psychiatric unit for PTSD after a career spent covering conflict and tragedy. Last July, I was back in Ward 17. It was time to face up to my moral injury and the event that drove me into mental hell". Dean Yates

View Dean's video interview on the Reuters website - scroll down to find the video in the written story. Learn more about his experience, including how ritual helped him find resolution.