August e-News

From Chaplaincy to Spiritual Care: the emergence of a health profession


Earlier this month I attended the National Allied Health Conference and was reminded of the disparate disciplines that make up the allied health field. I presented a pre-recorded lightning presentation titled From Chaplaincy to Spiritual Care: The emergence of a health profession.

We are consistently working to raise the profile of spiritual care and while we have been seeking recognition as an allied health profession, I was reminded once again this week of the importance of not being caught up in an unhelpful narrative that focuses on whether we are ‘in or out’.

We know that spiritual care practitioners work as valued members of multi-disciplinary teams, and we need to celebrate and promote the contribution made by spiritual care. SHA has a number of projects and resources in progress to support the sector in this promotional work, some of which you will hear more about in this and subsequent newsletters.

When we are clear ourselves about who we are, what we provide and the difference that we can make in peoples’ lives, spiritual care will be given the professional recognition it rightly deserves. We are not there yet, but we are well and truly on the way.

Cheryl Holmes, CEO

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