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Science and love come together.


Science and love come together.

In the last week I have been able to attend two conferences and all from the comfort of my home office! The first came from Trinity College in Dublin, titled “Spiritual Imperatives in Healthcare: Securing Foundations”. The second was the Spiritual Care Australia national conference, “Roads Less Travelled” - congratulations SCA on delivering a rich and thought-provoking conference.

At both conferences there was reference made to the two concepts of science and art. These are usually held in tension, almost as though they are opposites, as though they need to be kept apart (which is how they are usually studied and practiced).  People often talk in the same way about the head and the heart. There is a reason we promote holistic care. The head and the heart belong together (along with the mind and soul). We are whole people and indivisible into these separate compartments. In the same way, science and art represent wholeness. One speaker, in talking about her work as a doctor in a supervised injecting room, described seeing “science and love come together”. Imagine for a moment being able to describe your health service or work setting in that way.

This has been a busy month for Spiritual Health Association as we have finalised both our Strategic Plan 2021-2023 and our Corporate Plan 2021-2022. You can now find both documents on our website. These documents outline the exciting initiatives ahead for SHA and we look forward to working with our growing membership, partners and others who may be keen to be involved. Let’s work together to ensure people have access to spiritual care so that in our health services “science and love come together”.

Cheryl Holmes, CEO

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