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Bigger than just you.

Bigger Than Just You. 

The Future of Spiritual Care in Australia
Last week we were thrilled to launch our latest report, The Future of Spiritual Care in Australia: a national study on spirituality, wellbeing and spiritual care in hospitals. (You can read more about the launch below). Spiritual Health Association engaged research and communication specialists McCrindle to undertake this research into what Australians think about spirituality, the connection between spirituality and wellbeing, and their experience of spiritual care in health.
There is a commonly held view that Australians are not interested in spirituality. This research demonstrates that Australians are interested, and that many see the connection between their spirituality and their physical, mental and relational wellbeing. Moreover, this study provides the evidence that more than one in two (54%) Australians would like to receive spiritual care when in hospital.
It is time for an investment in spiritual care as SHA has strongly advocated in our recent call to action, it is time to Make Health Care Whole! As we welcome a new government and a new Australian Prime Minister, we hope that this will be a time for change that leads to a more compassionate and caring society.
As part of this, we will continue to advocate for a health system that is concerned for every aspect of health and wellbeing: physical, mental, social and spiritual.
I commend the report to you and hope that you will work with us to secure the future of spiritual care in Australia.

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