Spirituality and Diversity Discussions

Since 2019 SHA in partnership with the Victoria Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) has facilitated a reflective practice program that aims to develop a mental health workforce who are responsive to people’s spiritual care needs. The spirituality and diversity discussions provide space for mental health practitioners to explore and nominate the challenges they may encounter when spirituality or religion comes up for their consumers. 

Person-centred care models include the spiritual domain, but quite often workers feel ill equipped to support people in this aspect of their lives. This reflective peer group allows practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of how to explore conversations with mental health consumers about their diverse spiritual beliefs. 

SHA and VTMH facilitate webinars and online reflective practice sessions for Victorian mental health workers in peer, clinical, and community settings. Visit the VTMH online education program for details.

Explore the 2023 Spirituality & Diversity Discussions Summary.

Read a reflection by Natasha Rajagopalan (Psychiatric Registrar, St. Vincents Hospital, Melbourne) about her involvement with the project in 2023.

Pictured below are project team members Sylvia Piazza (VTMH), Jenny Greenham (SHA), Justin Kuay (VTMH), Rohan Souter (Bendigo Health), Tess Marotta (SHLEAC), Naomi Chapman (VTMH), Natasha Rajagopalan (VTMH).