The Little Book of Spiritual Health and The Small Gift

SHA’s Mental Health Leader Jenny Greenham thoughtfully created these resources to inspire genuine care of the soul. They provide a foundation to begin or continue the exploration into one’s own spiritual health as an integral part of holistic wellbeing.

The Little Book of Spiritual Health introduces the concepts of contemporary spirituality and spiritual health to our colleagues in the broader healthcare sector. In our professional settings we are all familiar with how the other domains of human expression, i.e. the physical, psychological, emotional, social, and mental work together, but very often the spiritual is overlooked. 

The collective experience of the pandemic asked us all to go deeper with our reflections of what it means to be human and how we integrate our spiritual and existential realities into our daily responsibilities and lives. The Little Book of Spiritual Health provides definitions about contemporary spirituality and spiritual health as an integral part of health care, followed by nine steps towards spiritual health.

“When I sat down to read The Little Book of Spiritual Health I reflected on so much about what's important to me, my values and my family. It also got me thinking about how important my spiritual health is as part of my overall wellbeing. I encourage healthcare workers to take the time to stop and reflect on some of the beautiful questions this little book so eloquently invites us to reflect on.”

Donna Markham, Former Victorian Chief Allied Health Officer and passionate wellbeing advocate 

The Small Gift is a book of questions that invites quiet contemplation and an opportunity to reconnect to Self. Shaped like a peony flower, it is a representation of our heart centre and the beauty and delicateness that lies at our essence. The questions guide inquiry into what it feels like to experience spiritual health, as well as reflect upon what it might feel like to experience spiritual dis-ease or dis-stress. This leads us to a greater understanding and deeper awareness of the totality of our lives.

"I was lucky enough to receive The Small Gift … Every time I see it I take it out and feel its beautiful texture, I turn the petals and fan them out, and I read the words that immediately bring me into the present moment. It is an invitation to reflect on my work and myself, and has helped me to pause and take stock.”

Rebecca Corbett – Psychiatric Nurse Consultant and AOD Educator

The Little Book of Spiritual Health and The Small Gift are available to purchase in our Shop