SHA in partnership with Palliative Care Australia (PCA) has developed The Essence of Spiritual Care, the first in a series of e-learning modules on spirituality in health and palliative care designed especially for health care workers. 

The Essence of Spiritual Care is a free learning module to support health professionals develop their understanding of spiritual care.

All health professionals, working in any care setting are encouraged to better understand spiritual care, not only for the people and families in their care, but for their own wellbeing.

Access the module here and follow the links to register for a free Launch Learning Online Account.

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View PCA's Thursdays@3 conversation about The Essence of Spiritual Care module and the importance of spiritual care in health care. Reflecting on their own experiences, we hear from South Australia’s Sara Fleming, a Clinical Service Director, who comes to this conversation with a 23-year career in paediatric palliative care. And Luke Bowen, Chair of the Spiritual Health Association. Luke is also Director of Patient Safety, Experience and Clinical Excellence and Director of Medical Workforce at Austin Health, Victoria.

There was a time when spiritual care was overlooked or not seen as an important part of someone’s health care but as Sara and Luke suggest, “that’s an attitude that just won’t be tolerated in the future.”

Listen: Thursdays@3 by Palliative Care Australia | Podcast on Spotify