The Little Book of Spiritual Health

The Little Book of Spiritual Health will support your enquiry into how you might achieve a holistic balance in your life, as well as recognise how important it is to include a spiritual health assessment in the care plans of the people we support.

In our professional settings we are all familiar with how the other domains of human expression, i.e. the physical, psychological, emotional, social, and mental work together, but very often the spiritual is overlooked. The Little Book of Spiritual Health will offer many insights into how contemporary spirituality is viewed, expressed, and how when fully embraced, our lives and relationships begin to feel enriched whilst supporting a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and connection.

There is a growing body of international evidence that supports the integration of spiritual care into health care settings to ensure that holistic person-centred care is really that. The Little Book of Spiritual Health will share some of these findings and more.

It is anticipated  The Little Book of Spiritual Health  will be released by Spiritual Health Association in November 2021. 

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The Small Gift

The Small Gift is about taking a pause and reconnecting to Self. In doing so, we are better able to know what matters to our patients and their carers, and how best to be of service in our many different health and caring roles. The Small Gift invites you to go a little deeper, to become still and touch upon your innate source of sensitivity as you contemplate and ponder the 16 questions contained within. All the answers are known to you and will reflect your own unique life circumstance.

The questions ask you to focus on what it feels like to experience spiritual health, as well as reflect upon what it might feel like to experience spiritual dis-ease or dis-stress. It is from this place we can bring greater understanding and awareness to the totality of our lives.  

You will notice that the Small Gift is in the likeness of the beautiful peony, a flower that has been revered by Chinese Emperors and represented in Chinese art through-out the ages. The peony has come to be associated with riches, wealth, and honour. We chose it for this project as a representation of our heart centre and the beauty and delicateness that lies at our essence.

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