Spiritual Health Association advocates for spiritual care as an integral part of healthcare in a variety of ways including calls to action, conference presentations, membership of committees and preparation of submissions and feedback to relevant consultations. 

Call to Action

In this Federal Election 2022, SHA calls for an Australian Government investment that enables Australians to have access to high-quality, safe spiritual care by building capacity across the health care system to recognise and respond to peoples' spiritual needs.

Download SHA's Federal Election 2022 Call to Action flyer.

Spiritual Health Lived Experience Advisory Committee (SHLEAC)

SHLEAC formed in June 2021 to raise awareness through leadership, education and consultation of the need, importance, and place of spiritual care in mental health care. SHLEAC will achieve this by contributing to the Victorian Mental Health Reform process via the principles of co-design and co-production.

As the host organisation, Spiritual Health Association welcomes the expertise and guidance from the advisory committee members: Hannah Friebel, Evan Bichara, Maria Dimopoulous and Kevin Treloar. The committee is led by SHA's Mental Health Leader, Jenny Greenham.

View the SHLEAC Vision and Statement of Purpose.

Panels, Councils and Committees

Spiritual Health Association provides representation at: 

  • Allied Health Professionals Australia member collaboratives/forums
  • Centre for Mental Health Learning
  • Joint Research Council (International)
  • Palliative Care Australia National Expert Advisory Panel
  • Palliative Care Queensland - Peaks Collaboration
  • Peer Specialists Research Steering Committee - Spirituality (International)
  • Spiritual Care Australia Certification Reference Group
  • Victorian Mental Health Policy Network
  • Victorian Transcultural Mental Health reference group

Conferences and Presentations

Spiritual Health Association staff presented at the following conferences:

  • Caring for the patient and family - heart, soul and mind: assessing the spiritual care encounter - presentation Christine Hennequin, PD Program, December 2021
  • A new model for healing: the biopsychosocial-spiritual approach – co-presentation by Jenny Greenham & Hannah Friebel, TheMHS Conference October 2021
  • An invitation to reflect and reimagine an empathy led future – co-presentation by Jenny Greenham & Hannah Friebel, TheMHS Conference October 2021
  • Do you know what you’re capable of? - presentation Cheryl Holmes, PD Program, October 2021
  • Understanding of spiritual care and its framework in Australian health context - co-presentation Cuong La & Dr Heather Tan, SCA Conference, June 2021What's new in the world of psychiatry as it relates to spiritual care? Are we finally back where we started? - presentation Jenny Greenham, SCA Conference, June 2021
  • SHA Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health & Capability Framework: underpinning standards for practice & competencies within a professional context - co-presentation Cheryl Holmes and Christine Hennequin, SCA Conference, June 2021
  • What happened to spiritual care during Covid-19? - co-presentation Cheryl Holmes, Dr Eleanor Flynn and Dr Heather Tan, PD Program, May 2021
  • Progress notes and data collection in Electronic Medical Records: an overview of current offerings including the U.S. - presentation Christine Hennequin, PD Program, April 2021
  • SHA Strategic Plan 2021-2023 - presentation Cheryl Holmes, SCMN, April 2021
  • SHA Strategic Directions - presentation Cheryl Holmes, Anglican Chaplains Forum, March 2021
  • Shifting focus: positive emotions of a spiritual life versus the negative symptoms of mental illness - presentation Jenny Greenham, TheMHS Conference, February 2021
  • Imagine the freedom to discuss God with your psychiatrist. A new reality for mental healthcare? - co-presentation Jenny Greenham and Simon Jones, TheMHS Conference, February 2021


Spiritual Health Association made submissions to:

  • Mental Health Workforce Strategy and Reform, November 2021
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Act, October 2021
  • National Disability Strategy (NDS), Stage 2 Consultations: Report on Public Submissions, which was published by the Department of Social Services (DSS) - April 2021
  • National Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care Information Priorities - Nov 2020
  • State Government of Victoria in response to the Victorian State Disability Plan 2021-2024