Spiritual Health Association advocates for spiritual care as an integral part of healthcare in a variety of ways including conference presentations, membership of committees and preparation of submissions and feedback to relevant consultations. Below lists SHA's activity during the period June 2020 - June 2021:

Conferences and Presentations

Spiritual Health Association staff presented at the following conferences:

  • Understanding of spiritual care and its framework in Australian health context - co-presentation Cuong La & Dr Heather Tan, SCA Conference, June 2021What's new in the world of psychiatry as it relates to spiritual care? Are we finally back where we started? - presentation Jenny Greenham, SCA Conference, June 2021
  • SHA Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health & Capability Framework: underpinning standards for practice & competencies within a professional context - co-presentation Cheryl Holmes and Christine Hennequin, SCA Conference, June 2021
  • What happened to spiritual care during Covid-19? - co-presentation Cheryl Holmes, Dr Eleanor Flynn and Dr Heather Tan, PD Program, May 2021
  • Progress notes and data collection in Electronic Medical Records: an overview of current offerings including the U.S. - presentation Christine Hennequin, PD Program, April 2021
  • SHA Strategic Plan 2021-2023 - presentation Cheryl Holmes, SCMN, April 2021
  • SHA Strategic Directions - presentation Cheryl Holmes, Anglican Chaplains Forum, March 2021
  • Shifting focus: positive emotions of a spiritual life versus the negative symptoms of mental illness - presentation Jenny Greenham, TheMHS Conference, February 2021
  • Imagine the freedom to discuss God with your psychiatrist. A new reality for mental healthcare? - co-presentation Jenny Greenham and Simon Jones, TheMHS Conference, February 2021
  • MH Spiritual Care Practitioners: what do they do & what does it look like in practice? - presentation Jenny Greenham, Pacific Regional Online Forum Series hosted by St. Vincent's MH International & Fiji National University, November 2020
  • SHA and relationship with faith communities - presentation Cheryl Holmes, Victorian Multicultural Commission Multifaith Advisory Group, November 2020
  • Meaning, Purpose and Existential Questions in relation to Death, Dying and Grief During a Crisis - co-presentation Cheryl Holmes, Terry Ayling and Ilsa Hampton, Palliative Care Queensland Webinar, September 2020
  • Spirituality as integral part of person-centred mental health care - presentation Jenny Greenham, Pacific Regional Online Series hosted by St. Vincent's MH International & Fiji National University, July 2020

Panels, Councils and Committees

Spiritual Health Association provided representation at: 

  • Allied Health Clinical Informatics Advisory Group
  • Allied Health Professionals Australia member collaboratives/forums
  • Centre for Mental Health Learning
  • Joint Research Council (International)
  • Palliative Care Australia National Expert Advisory Panel
  • Palliative Care Queensland - Peaks Collaboration
  • Peer Specialists Research Steering Committee - Spirituality (International)
  • Spiritual Care Australia Certification Reference Group
  • Spiritual Care Australia conference organising committee
  • Victorian Mental Health Policy Network
  • Victorian Transcultural Mental Health reference group


Spiritual Health Association made submissions to:

  • National Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care Information Priorities - Nov 2020
  • State Government of Victoria in response to the Victorian State Disability Plan 2021-2024
  • National Disability Strategy (NDS), Stage 2 Consultations: Report on Public Submissions, which was published by the Department of Social Services (DSS) - April 2021