Awakening Compassion: Igniting the Future of Healthcare Conference - Adelaide

18th October 2023

Don't miss this inaugural conference, an event set to shape the future of healthcare. Hear evidence-based research and access tools and resources to elevate the role of compassion and wellbeing in your organisation and daily practice. Connect with people who are building cultures and practices around compassion and getting great results. This one-day conference will be filled with leading experts and practitioners from around the world sharing contemporary practices so you can strengthen your approach and set a new benchmark in healthcare service delivery.

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Value-Based Health Care Congress 2023 - Brisbane

26th - 27th October 2023

The Value-Based Health Care Congress 2023 will bring together leaders from across the health system - clinician leaders, executives, senior managers, consumers, policy makers and researchers to showcase and share experiences. You can also share and showcase your organisations achievements in transforming the Australian system for VBHC through a virtual poster submission. These virtual posters will highlight initiatives that redefine health care around the outcomes that matter to people and communities for the cost of achieving those outcomes and will be considered for one our three VBHC Awards.

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International Forum on Quality & Safety - Melbourne 

30th October - 1st November 2023

The theme for 2023 is People powered change – a healthier life, a fairer system, a sustainable future

This year’s Melbourne programme will show how transforming healthcare is only possible when everyone comes together to power change. 

  •  Learn how to involve, inspire, and innovate across borders and organisations.
  •  Explore how senior leaders can support people, places, and systems to mobilise for change.
  •  Learn how to equip people closest to the issues to develop capability for sustainable, spreadable innovation.
  •  Create lasting improvements suited to the needs of everyone’s lives now and in the future.

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National Multicultural Health and Wellbeing Conference - Sydney

21st - 22nd November 2023

Join the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) and the Australian Multicultural Health Collaborative (The Collaborative) for the inaugural National Multicultural Health & Wellbeing Conference 2023, at the Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park.

In partnership with NSW Health, the conference will address challenges, review best practices and explore how to improve access to health and wellbeing services for Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) population.

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