Unpacking spiritual care at the end of life

3 August, 2023

SHA's CEO Cheryl Holmes was invited by Palliative Care Australia (PCA) to speak on their Thursdays@3 podcast program in the lead up to her presentation at the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference in Sydney in September 2023.

In this podcast, Cheryl talks about the integral role of spiritual care in holistic healthcare, not just at end of life but throughout a person's healthcare journey. She discusses the evolving nature of spirituality in Australia and the need to provide inclusive spiritual care for people of all backgrounds and worldviews. She explains the importance of spiritual care and tending to the things that give people meaning, purpose and connection - and ensuring these needs are met throughout their healthcare journey, all the way to the very end of life.

Opening up chaplaincy

22 July, 2023

SHA's CEO Cheryl Holmes was featured guest speaker on the Opening Up Chaplaincy podcast. In this episode, Cheryl speaks about leading SHA for over twenty years, and the ongoing journey to integrate an inclusive approach to spiritual care in health care that encompasses all worldviews to offer everyone a sense of relevance and belonging.

The Essence of Spiritual Care

9 February 2023

SHA's Chair Luke Bowen joined Clinical Services Director Sara Fleming on Palliative Care Australia's Thursdays@3 podcast to launch our new E-learning module The Essence of Spiritual Care

Reflecting on their own experiences working in palliative care, Luke and Sara share about the importance of spiritual care. There was a time when spiritual care was overlooked or not seen as an important part of someone’s health care but as Luke and Sara suggest, “that’s an attitude that just won’t be tolerated in the future.”