This short film is part of the Live the life you please social impact campaign and shares the story of Alex Robins and Leila McCann, who were companioned by spiritual care practitioner Russell Armstrong as part of Alex’s palliative care. 

Spiritual care is an integral part of holistic palliative care. It is about tending to the things that give people meaning, purpose and connection and ensuring these needs are met, right to the very end of life. It offers an insight into the qualities of the spiritual care relationship and shows how holding another’s story during this time of life is a unique and integral part of whole-of-person care.

Special thanks to Alex and Leila for graciously sharing their story. In memory of Alex Robins.

Collective voice 

A collection of testimonials from our 2022 research report The Future of Spiritual Care in Australia. It explores the question 'What does spirituality mean to you?' and shows how spiritual care is an integral part of person-centred health care.

Space, Stillness, Silence. A time to pause.

A video to support a virtual space to breathe, pause and create quietness.

Jo's Story

Spiritual care is the provision of assessment, counseling, support, and ritual in matters of a person's beliefs, traditions, values, and practices enabling the person to access their own spiritual resources. We may sometimes underestimate the powerful and important role ritual fulfils in our lives. In this story, Jo shares how she was able to overcome extraordinary grief following the death of her two daughters with a memorial service that has supported her to heal and move on in life.

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