Small Gift

The Small Gift invites you to become still and touch upon your innate source of sensitivity as you contemplate and ponder the 16 questions contained within.

The Small Gift is a forerunner to The Little Book of Spiritual Health which will support your enquiry into how you might achieve a holistic balance in your life, as well as recognise how important it is to include a spiritual health assessment in the care plans of the people we support. 

The Small Gift invites you to pause and reconnect to Self. The questions ask you focus on what it feels like to experience spiritual health, as well as reflect upon what it might feel like to experience spiritual dis-ease or dis-stress. It is from this place we can bring greater understanding and awareness to the totality of our lives.

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Heart and Soul Matters Booklet

A Guide to Providing Spiritual Care in Mental Health Settings.
This guide is for staff in community and clinical services who support people living with mental illness, their families and carers.

Heart and Soul Matters is a guide to support spiritual care in mental health settings. It supports staff, family members and carers with basic information to engage in conversations with spiritual themes. 

Contact: Jenny Greenham

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Honouring Postcard

Honouring Postcard: Remembering our patients with respect and love

As a human family we all are deeply connected. We experience this feeling of connection in times of both profound joy and at times of deep sorrow and questioning. In our work we encounter situations and people who challenge our core beliefs, expectations for recovery, notions of security and hope that things can get better.

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Person-centred Care Postcards

Spiritual Care Promotion with Definitions.
Promote quality spiritual care in your health care organisation with person-centred care postcards.

Spiritual Health Association have developed person-centred postcards that articulate the place of spiritual care in health care. They can be used for educational or promotional purposes including in team or multi-disciplinary meetings, placed on notice boards or accompanying other communications from the health service.

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