Open Letter to the Premier: Preserving Spiritual Care in Victorian Health Services

Spiritual Health Association (SHA) stands at a pivotal moment as imminent funding cuts pose a threat to the quality and reach of spiritual care in Victorian health services

14th November 2023

The Health Minister’s decision to cease SHA's funding will diminish the capacity of faith communities to deliver faith-specific spiritual care, and undermine SHA's role in upholding care quality, safety standards, and sector resourcing. This funding has been provided by Government for nearly 70 years and has had bipartisan support. The Hon Georgie Crozier raised this issue in the Victorian parliament on 1st November 2023, underscoring the significance of this matter.

We are pleased to share with you here an Open Letter to the Premier of Victoria signed by the leaders of the faith communities. The letter outlines our collective concern and the potential impacts of this decision on the holistic well-being of Victorians who benefit from faith-specific spiritual care.

In line with the principles recognised by the World Health Organization, we believe that spiritual well-being is a fundamental component of overall health. This belief is shared by healthcare providers, patients, and families across our state.

SHA’s aim is to ensure the continued provision of comprehensive spiritual care that caters to the diverse needs of all Victorians inclusive of all beliefs and world views. This is detailed in SHA’s co-designed National Model for Spiritual Care in Health currently being trialled across eleven health services. 

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